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Top 5 Scripting Languages to Master in 2024

1. JavaScript

Often included alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript (or JS) is known as the “language of the World Wide Web”. Being used to add functionality and dynamic behavior to otherwise static webpages. 

As of 2023, 63.61% of client-side pages and webapps utilize JS in their source worldwide.

2. Python

A high-level programming language, Python is known for its versatility in application. Taking advantage of meaningful indentation, this language provides one of the most readable and easy to understand syntaxes. Python supports many programming philosophies, including object-oriented, structured, and functional programming.

As of 2023, 49.28% of developers around the world use Python.

3. SQL

Standing for “structured query language”, SQL is a domain-oriented scripting language intended for the collection and manipulation of data. Most popularly used alongside relational databases, it is notably good and handling structured data, such as the relation between entities and variable names. One of the most popular uses of SQL queries and commands is alongside the software MySQL (open source) and SQL Server (proprietary).
As of 2023, 48.66% of the world used SQL for development projects.

4. PHP

Originally signifying “personal homepage”, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. A server-side HTML-embedded script language designed to help create more dynamic webpages. PHP is open source, leaving support up to the community to maintain.

As of 2023, 18.58% of the world utilizes PHP on its webpages.

5. GO

Similar to C in syntax, Go is a compiled, high-level programming language invented by developers at Google. Notable features include, memory safety, garbage collection, and structural typing, making it an ideal choice for networking and infrastructure application.

As of 2023, 13.24% of the world’s developers use GO.