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Email, Groupware and Cloud Hosting

Scomage provides both hosting and web site development services. This ranges from small static sites or a large data-driven site systems. The integration of email and other external systems is typically included in all larger sites.

We have experience with almost every database system including: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2/UDB, Informix, Sybase, FoxPro, Interbase, Access, and MySQL. We support all of the popular internet servers, such as IIS, WebSphere, and Apache.

We provide our own email and web hosting services. Our main servers are located in a Class 1 datacenter with backup and development servers at our office.

We can provide all of the following web services:

  • Application Design - analysis, requirements, and technical specifications
  • Graphics Design - static and animated graphics, Flash development
  • System Architecture - integrating e-commerce and existing/legacy systems
  • Development - coding and unit testing
  • Quality Assurance - system and integration testing
  • Implementation - hardware, software, and operational procedures
  • Maintenance - technical support and enhancements
  • Documentation - user manuals, administrative guide, and technical documentation
  • Project Management - planning, administration, and management of development teams and resources
  • Hosting - web sites, email and application service provider (ASP) systems

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