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Computer Support Blocks

A support block plan works just like an ad-hoc (pay as you go) plan, except that blocks of time are purchase upfront for a substantial discount over the standard hourly rate:

Pucrhase Price Savings*
10-hour Support Block $1,150.00 8%
25-hour Support Block $2,700.00 14%

* - savings over pay-as-you-go rate of $125.00 / hour

There is a 1 hour minimum for any emergency services performed remotely and a 2 hour minimum for all on-site services (3 hours for New York City and Long Island).

Our response time to most major problems is usually less than one business day; however, large regional events (storms, power outages, etc.) can cause backlogs. We prioritize all calls based on the severity of the problem, so that a problem affecting a number of users will always take priority over a single workstation issue.

We do charge travel time under the following circumstances: (1) support calls less than 4 hours in length - we charge round trip travel time; (2) support calls of 4 hours or more, but less than 8 hours - we charge one-way travel time; (3) for support calls lasting 8 hours or more - travel is free. We charge actual travel time and try to coordinate non-critical calls with other customers. If we are in your area for a full day of support calls, then travel is not charged.

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