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Computer Support and Plans

Our computer support practice focuses on the physical hardware and software required to run your business. We are a Dell solutions provider and have reseller agreements with most major network equipment manufacturers. We also provide a full range of computer and technology support services. We offer pay as you go, monthly plans and discount packages.


Computer, Software and Equipment Sales

We sell and support all major brands of computer, network and related equipment. We also sell and support a wide range of software, apps and hosted applications.

We install and support all we sell and we offer supplemental warranties to provide a single point of contact for all of your computer system needs.

Why purchase your next Dell from Scomage?


Computer and Technology Support

Our computer support services include the installation and setup of servers and workstations. We diagnose problems and fix software issues, provide regular security and anti-virus updates, and implement computer upgrade strategies. We also install new & updated software packages, setup file & printer shares, and implement data backup plans.

We can provide all of the following computer support services:

  • Emergency Server Repairs
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Restore Failed Networks
  • Stop Instrusions and Hacking
  • Add New Staff Configurations
  • Complete Moves and Changes

We support all Microsoft operating systems, all Intel-based Linux environments, Apple Mac and most UNIX systems.


Computer Support Plans

Scomage Information Services offers several different support plans to meet the needs and budget for your business. This ranges from an ad-hoc, pay as you go plan to formal support contracts.

Pay As You Go

Our current ad-hoc rate is $125.00 per hour during normal business hours (8 am - 6 pm M-F). The out-of-hours emergency rate is $150.00 per hour which does not apply to pre-scheduled out-of-hours work. There is a 1 hour minimum for any emergency services performed remotely and a 2 hour minimum for all on-site services (3 hours for New York City and Long Island).

Our response time to most major problems is usually less than one business day; however, large regional events (storms, power outages, etc.) can cause backlogs. We prioritize all calls based on the severity of the problem, so that a problem affecting a number of users will always take priority over a single workstation issue. Support contracts may specify a response time tailored to your needs.

We do charge travel time under the following circumstances: (1) support calls less than 4 hours in length - we charge round trip travel time; (2) support calls of 4 hours or more, but less than 8 hours - we charge one-way travel time; (3) for support calls lasting 8 hours or more - travel is free. We charge actual travel time and try to coordinate non-critical calls with other customers. If we are in your area for a full day of support calls, then travel is not charged.

Support Blocks

Support blocks are simply pre-payment discounts for purchasing ad-hoc support in blocks. As support is provided, time is deducted from the pre-paid block. When all of the hours are used, the blocks can be renewed or ad-hoc rates can be applied. Support blocks do not expire.

Support Block Pricing

System Contracts

System support contracts are provide fixed monthly billing and are priced based on the number of computers and networking equipment to be included in the plan. All plans include unlimited phone support. Some plans include unlimited remote and on-site support. We review contracts quarterly and suggest changes as needed.

System Contract Pricing

Custom Contracts

System support contracts are custom designed for each client and provide fixed monthly billing. We typically provide a minimum of one onsite visit per month for maintenance and additional visits as necessary. Contracts are priced based on your average needs and do not have a monthly limit. A typical contact for 8-10 hours a month would be about $850 per month (depending on the support level details). We might provide just 1 hour of support this month, but 20 hours next month -- all for the same flat rate. We review contracts quarterly and suggest changes as needed.

Special Projects

We would be happy to provide an estimate and quote for any special projects. Depending on the type of project, the rate could be less than your current ad-hoc or block rate. At your request, all special projects can be tracked and billed separately. We do provide fixed-price quotes for larger projects.

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