Cameras, Alarms and Door Control

Scomage provides a full range of security solutions to monitor and protect your property, your computers and your data. We are a technology company at heart, so unlike dedicated alarm or security companies, our solutions are seamlessly integrated into your overall technology environment. From internet accessible security cameras and emailed security threats to web-managed door access control, our systems offer complete network support and secure remote access.

Our three primary security services are surveillance cameras, door access control and alarm systems. Other custom solutions are also available.

Security Cameras

We can supply a wide range of cameras, DVRs, software and mobile apps to create a full featured surveillance system. We only install quality indoor and outdoor cameras that work properly with DVRs and other system components. All cameras offers low light and infrared night capability. We do not use web cams or other low resolution solutions.

We support hardware and software base digital video recorders. All have remote viewing capabilities and support for mobile apps. Recorders typically provide 2-3 weeks of video storage. Additional storage can be provided as needed to meet your unique security needs.

Door Access Control

Electronic access control is far superior to old fashion keys or combinations. Keys tend to be lost or stolen requiring an expensive re-keying of your locks(s). Doors can be opened and buildings accessed with no idea who or when. Electronic access provides a method to uniquely define individuals and all of our systems keep detailed logs of who accessed a door and when. You can even define schedules to prevent off-hours access by non-authorized employees.

We offer a range of access control solutions from a single door to the management of multiple buildings. We can control doors, garages, security gates or any device that can accommodate an electric lock. We can use all popular access methods: key codes, key chain fobs, employee badges or wireless. Adding a keypad with unique entry codes is the simplest (and cheapest) method. Fobs and employee badges are the most widely used, but have an added expense. The most common control for yards and garages is through the use of wireless transmitters (or “clickers”). We can provide uniquely coded transmitters that allow access to be tracked by individual user or vehicle.

The primary purpose of electronic access controls is for employee management not theft protection. It is almost always easier for the thief to break in through a window, wall or the roof than a secure door. For theft protection, you need an alarm system.

Alarm Systems

A complete theft protection system includes a burglar alarm in addition to access control and surveillance. We install both wired and wireless hybrid alarm systems to provide the best coverage for your specific building or office. We work with a network of national vendors to provide 24-hour monitoring. All alarm systems can be integrated with your network to provide alarm reporting over the internet or event notification via email.

Fire and life safety protection can be integrated into many alarm systems to allow for consolidated monitoring and event logging. Separate fire systems and other custom solutions are available. Contact us for details.