Secure Email Server, Groupware, Mobile Access and More

IceWarp Unified Communication Server delivers a highly integrated solution, including Mail Server with dual Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus protection, GroupWare Server, Instant Messaging Server, Text Messaging Server, a unified WebClient interface, full mobile device synchronization and much more. Support for SMTP, POP, IMAP, ActiveSync©, SyncML, CalDAV, WebDAV, and XMPP standards allows IceWarp Server to communicate with all known email clients and servers on the market. By default, all services utilize SSL/TLS encryption, supporting deployments of every kind, from small business single-server installations to multi-server load-balanced platforms that serve tens of thousands of users.

Manage Company-wide Calendars, Address Books and Tasks

Through support of open standards, IceWarp GroupWare Server allows users to schedule & manage events & company resources. Supported standards include Internet Calendars, Free/Busy lookup, & iMIP for Outlook compatible calendar invitations. Users can also manage Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Files & Journals, syncing data with IceWarp WebClient, Outlook, IceWarp Desktop Client & mobile devices.

Meeting and Resource Scheduling

With any calendaring client that can handle meeting invitations (WebClient, Outlook, Desktop Client, Apple iCal, Thunderbird), users can also manage conference rooms and shared resources like cars or office equipment. They add the pre-defined resource as an attendee to a new event, suggesting the time according to displayed availability. Subject to approval from preset resource manager, the user is sent an accepted/declined notification and the event is marked in their calendar.

Mobile Synchronization

IceWarp GroupWare Server supports out-of-the-box synchronization of Email, Calendar, & Contacts data over-the-air via ActiveSync with IceWarp SmartSync Technology or via the open-standard SyncML protocol. This provides native support for almost every mobile device on the market. IceWarp GroupWare Server is also the ONLY solution on the market providing over-the-air synchronization of Tasks, even to phones that do not support this natively, through a Tasks as Events synchronization feature.

Push Calendars, Contacts, Email and More

IceWarp provides over-the-air synchronization of Email, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Files. Synchronization is achieved through SyncML & ActiveSync with IceWarp SmartSync which provides a more fluid mobile experience. Information is delivered to most mobile devices in real-time via push technology, requiring no action from end users.

Comprehensive Server-Side Anti-Spam Protection

By combining 20+ antispam technologies, IceWarp Server provides organizations with high accuracy right out of the box. Through sophisticated behavior analysis, artificial intelligence & auto-learning, IceWarp spam protection adapts to your organization’s unique messaging behavior. With no management required, the longer you use IceWarp Anti-Spam, the more accurate it will become.