Database Development

We have experience with almost every database system including: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2/UDB, Informix, Sybase, FoxPro, Interbase, Access, and MySQL. We are also familiar with application-specific databases such as QuickBooks, Exchange, and ACT.

We support all Microsoft operating systems, all Intel-based Linux environments, and most UNIX systems.

The bulk of our development is with the core languages C++ and Java. We also support popular 4th generation languages (Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi) and scripting languages (ASP, JavaScript, VB script, Perl).

We can provide all of the following custom software development:

  • Database Design – logical and physical modeling
  • Application Design – analysis, requirements, and technical specifications
  • System Architecture – integrating systems and components to create an efficient corporate infrastructure
  • Development – coding and unit testing
  • Quality Assurance – system and integration testing
  • Implementation – hardware, software, and operational procedures
  • Maintenance – technical support and enhancements
  • Documentation – user manuals, administrative guide, and technical documentation
  • Project Management – planning, administration, and management of development teams and resources