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Networking, Firewall and Phone Systems

Our Networking Practice provides design, installation and support services to any device or system used for communications. The main focus is data networking, firewalls and intrusion prevention but, we also provide voice/phone services.


Networking Services

Our network services include the design, installation, and maintenance of all types of network infrastructure. This includes simple local area networks (LAN), shared broadband access (DSL, Cable, T1), enterprise/wide area networks (WAN) connecting several locations, wireless LANs, and wireless point-to-point connections. As part of an overall architecture, we can develop an efficient server strategy and reliable backup plans. We also install cabling, implement firewalls and deploy anti-virus protection.

We provide high-speed internet access through our partners: Covad, NJ Access, and Verizon. These services include: ADSL/SDSL/IDSL, full or partial T1 lines and satellite service. We also support internet access through all of the major cable television providers.

We can provide all of the following networking services:

  • Network Architecture - analysis, requirements, and technical specifications for implementing a local or enterprise network
  • LAN Design - analysis, requirements, and technical specifications for connecting workstations in a local area network with shared internet capability
  • Cable Installation - layout and installation of phone, LAN and specialty cable
  • Firewall and Security - installation and configuration of firewall and security apps
  • Anti-Virus - installation and setup, virus identification and removal
  • Wireless Networking - wireless LANS and point to point connections
  • Maintenance - phone and onsite support
  • Documentation - custom guides and process documentation
  • Project Management - planning, administration, and management of network teams

Phone Systems, VOIP, Hybrids

Our voice services include the design, installation, and maintenance of voice over IP (VOIP) phone networks. Our main focus is on Virtual PBX hosting, but we can also implement VOIP PBX systems as well. Our phone services include the integration of voice and data networks, interfacing with analog voice services, and providing a voice backup architecture.

Included in our voice service offering is the design and development of interactive voice response (IVR) systems. We also install and maintain most major analog PBX phone systems.

We support phones from GrandStream, Polycom, and Cisco. Our Virtual PBX services are provided by We do not recommend residential VOIP service for businesses.

We can provide all of the following phone/VOIP services:

  • VOIP Virtual PBX - installation, setup & support of hosted business phone solutions
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - system development, installation and setup
  • Voice and Data Integration - voice over IP, IP phones and integrated IN boxes
  • Maintenance - phone and onsite support
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